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Providence, RI

Artist Statement

Memories of these landscapes are multifaceted. They can appear elusive and fragmented in the imagination. Yet there are also viewpoints we can bring into focus as a clear cut image. Sometimes, memories that are the farthest and shortest are actually the clearest and most meaningful. I want my forms to feel tactile and move towards three-dimensionality. A collage of forms assembled can better represent the complicated multiple perspectives of the landscape. In some ways, I seek to process my past and build my own reality of the almost forgotten.

Throughout my process, I am constantly experimenting by reacting to one collage by the creation of another and by adding another accidental element to it. My main concern is not that the viewer will recognize the places I am referencing but rather that they will sense the differences between each place represented and will find the graphics quality of the prints worth a second look.

As humans we are rooted in our landscape. We are connected to places and the people of those places. Yet I question my connection to both the land of my past and the land of my present. As I have sought to orient myself, I have come to recognize this experience as shared by many. The inspiration for my art is always tangible, yet I enjoy walking the line between the abstract and the realistic, between memory and displacement. I am interested in not only what the viewer will read in the works but also in how it related to what they have felt in the past when leaving a home.

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