Artist Statement

Memory is multi-layered, sometimes elusive, and often fragmented. The Landscape is complex and multi-layered because of the many different elements within it and also because of the human touch upon it. We always leave a mark on the landscapes we touch and, in turn, those landscapes leave a mark on us. The landscapes of my childhood, of Transylvania, are ever and always with me. Yet, I wonder how much my memory distorts and fragments them. Trees, mountains, bones have been there much longer than I have. I question my connection to the landscapes of my childhood while at the same time I feel a disconnect from the landscape of my present.

The inspiration for my art is always tangible, yet I enjoy walking the line between the abstract and the realistic, between memory and displacement. Printmaking allows for play, processes and experimentation and lends itself to the layering process. I am not trying to hide my process and use q-tips, paint brush, gamsol, fingerprints, and brayer marks to show the process of making on the image itself.  

I like to reuse my old plates to create new images by turning, cropping, and reducing or adding layers and textures. The results allow for the meaning to be shifted, symbolism to be present and interpretation to become multifaceted. Seeing the remains of a different image also reminds me of memory fading and new memories replacing old ones.